BenchCom has a new business address from 1st January 2018.

The new address is:

BenchCom, s.r.o.
Líbalova 2348/1
149 00 Prague 4

BenchCom developed a new add-on “Per Diem” for all Maconomy customers across Europe. A “Per Diem” solution was required by all those users. The new “Per Diem” add-on is developed as a multicurrency and multi-country solution and is usable for any customer in Europe.

In February 2016 Deltek announced a new version of People Planner 3.6. The new version contains more than 30 new features and enhancements and brings improvements in integration with Maconomy in areas like import of matrix budget and absences.

BenchCom developed a new add-on “VAT report” for its Czech customers. This Report is required by Czech law from 1st January 2016 and is named “Kontrolní hlašení”. Thanks to this add-on all BenchCom customers are able to prepare a requested VAT-Report within minutes and upload it on an electronical portal on time.